Axum is the Ethiopian most ancient city founded 500 years after the decline of Yeha and where the vast Ethiopian history has been well preserved. Axum was one of the four powerful kingdoms of the world during the 1st and 7th century.
In today's small-town Axum, the ruins of palaces, temples, the bath of Queen of Sheba, old Sabean inscriptions, the magnificent obelisks registered UNESCO World Heritage site and other monuments are the witness of the great ancient civilization of Axum. It was also the great civilized in commercial trading such as like with Egypt, Southern Arabia, Persia, and others. Axum was the most inventive state of its time. In the 4th century A.D famous king of Ezana, King of Axum was the first to accept Christianity officially as a state. Axum is believed to be the holiest orthodox city in Ethiopia where the original Ark of the Covenant is preserved in the monastery of St. Mary Zion of Axum and is the destination of many pilgrimages as well.