Baihr Dar and Lake Tana
Lake Tana is the largest lake in Ethiopia located north of the beautiful town Bair Dar. Nature favored town shoring to share of Lake Tana. Lake Tana has an area of 3647-3673 km2, 75 kilometers stretching north to South and 60 kilometers east –West, lying at about 1830 meters above sea level.
The Lake Tana has about 37 big and small islands. 20 of them are crowned with churches and monasteries decorated with paintings and preserved innumerable treasures.

Visitors highly enjoy with a boat trip on the Lake Tana and see the islands and peninsulas of Lake Tana. The water is impressive dotted with the islands and frequented by flocks of birds both endemic and migratory visitors are easily watched.

The monasteries of Lake Tana are built earlier 14th century. On the Zege peninsula one of the most visited churches, the church of Ura Kidanemihret/Church of Saint Mary/ decorated with beautiful paintings and other related to the old and new testament theories. It is fully integrating with rural life of the shores of Lake Tana. The monastery of Narga Selassie is also the rich in paintings and fenced with excellent barrel vaulted towers of the Gonderian style. Visiting the monasteries on the Lake Tana is so much worth.