Bale Mountain
Bale mountains national park
The Bale mountains national park is the second highest mountains range in Ethiopia located south-east of the country in the Oromia region. It is the largest remaining Alpine Habitat in Africa and covers an area of 2400 km2. An area for a great trekking experience while trekking you can come through the highest peak of the bale mountains Tullu Deemtu (4377) m above sea level. The Bale mountains are home to a variety of wildlife such as Ethiopian's endemic mammal's mountain Nyala, Ethiopian wolf, Menellik's bushbuck, and Simien fox.
The Great Rift Valley is the incredible largest geographic feature cutting through Ethiopia. 4830 kilometers begins in Syria and goes through all the way to Mozambique forming the denakil depression in the northern part of Ethiopia in the Afar region. The Afar region is associated with the cradle of hominids after the famous Lucy is discovered, the fossils dated 3.2 million years ago.
The Great Rift Valley also gives Ethiopia with some fascinating features that range from hot and dry up to the variety of spectacular and beautiful lakes. The lakes are home to a variety of birds and reptiles. Tourists enjoy visiting the active volcano Erta-Ale, the magma creater lake bubbling from the earth's core