Ethiopia has various colorful festivals throughout the year. The Ethiopian new year's which falls on September 11/ Meskerem 1 / celebrates colorfully and this is also the beginning of the harvest season.

The finding of the true cross / is another important festival which falls on September 27 and which celebrates the discovery of the true cross by St- Helena, the wife of Constantine the great. Vast bonfires are lit countrywide there are dance and feasts everybody attends.
Ethiopia's most celebrated festival is Timket / Ethiopian epiphany / it is the most colorful and greatest festival of the year, falling and 19 January. And is the easiest for visitors to witness and enjoy. the Holy tabot , a replica of the ark of the covenant, is removed from each church accompanied by dramatic processions beginning on the day before the celebration and taken to the central area where the ceremony will take place. The following morning is also the great day, Christ's baptism in the river Jordan by John is commemorated. The water is blessed and sprinkled over everyone in a ceremony where the faithful renew their Vows to the church after this done the congregation follows the bishops, elder & clergy as the tabot is carried back to the church form where it came. Everyone, men, women,and children attend the celebration. All dressed white traditional dress the locals provide an exceptional beauty to the colorful ceremony.