After the decline of Axum power transferred to Lasta-Lalibela former Roha by the dynasty called the “Zagwe” dynasty, in the 11th century and Roha today’s Lalibela become the capital for about 3 centuries.
Lalibela is famous for its wonderful eleven rock Hewn churches networked each other built in the late 12th and early 13th century a new Jerusalem, Lalibela surrounding by the highest mountains and high plateaus of Ethiopia while crossing the area by surface by a comfortable vehicle, the magnificent landscapes and wonderful shapes of the rocks can easily impress the attention of visitors and travelers, the rock Hewn churches of Lalibela are the eighth wonder of the world- UNESCO world heritage site. The Bet-Medhanialem (House of the Savior of the world) church is considered to be the largest rock Hewn church in the world